Is my chameleon too skinny?


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I received my 4 month old male panther chameleon last Thursday and I was just wondering if he is looking underweight?
I feed him a variety of insects everyday with a calcium supplement noD3 . I have read that at this age they eat around 15 insects per day but mine doesn’t eat 15. I have seen him eat only a few per day maybe 4-5.


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Hi and welcome. Have you ever filled out a husbandry form? .so as the good members can get a full picture. Different babies from different blood lines can vary and mature at different rates .has he ever had a fecal test done?
  • Your Chameleon - 4 month old male ambanja panther. I have had him 6 days.
  • Handling - I put him in his cage and have not handled him yet
  • Feeding - Dubia, waxworms, super worm. Gutloaded w/ carrot collard greens, and repashy superload
  • Supplements - repashy calcium plus daily. This is what the breeder was giving along with bee pollen.
  • Watering - misting with automatic mister. 3 minutes before lights go on and 4 minutes after lights go off.
  • Fecal Description - dark brown / white heated. 0 fecal tests.
  • History - bought from a well known, reputable breeder. He is very active during the day.
Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - Reptibreeze 24x24x48. Back is covered w/ corrugated plastic. Left and right sides are covered half way w/ corrugated plastic (for background)
  • Lighting - T5HO 5 reptisun for UVB. Sansi 70 for plants. 60 watt bulb in dimmable fullers dome for basking.
  • Temperature - basking is 87. Floor is 73 lowest night temp is 63. Temps taken w/ digital hygrometer
  • Humidity - mister and live plants. Humidity is 45-90%
  • Plants - live plants. Pothos, parlor palm, umbrella plant, and money tree
  • Placement - corner of living room, no fans, no high traffic no direct air from AC
  • Location - San Antonio, Texas
Current Problem - my chameleon doesn’t seem to eat the expected 15 insects a day.
He eats maybe 5. And today he hasn’t eaten at all.
And I think he looks too skinny.


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Hi so waxworms and superworms are regarded as treats. Dubia, or other roach species locusts, crickets, bsfl. Black soldier fly larve. Are more staple feeders. How are you feeding, cup ,free range?


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I have a feeder from sticky tongues on the side of the enclosure.
I tried more wax and super to try to get him to eat more but that didn’t really work
Ha 2 gutload charts 🤣. Anyway yes a fecal test would be a good idea. But since you don't have him long (imo) he needs time to settle in if your husbandry is good then I wouldn't panic.
Ok so imo your humidity 45/ 90 .is this during the day. 40 to 60/70 max day for a panther. Govee mini wireless is a good device to collect data 24/7 to allow you to alter/change things to suit your chameleon needs for where you live ( the govee should be placed in a place where it does not get directly sprayed,or fogged as this will give you false overall readings)
have you spoken with the breeder? Depending on how they fed the feeder run may not be something he is used to. Loading that thing up with bugs would be the first thing I would do along with placing another branch in front of it. This way it provides a bit easier access. See where I added the red line. I agree he looks slim... But I am looking at limbs, tail, and casque shape. And this could be due to the reduction in eating and stress since getting him.

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