Is it ok for a baby panther to share an outdoor cage with a CWD?


I'm not talking about putting them in there at the same time, but I've got a Chinese Water Dragon that I have an outdoor cage for. I try to leave him in it for at least an hour everyday. I'm wondering if it is safe to put my 2-3 month old panther in there when the CWD isn't so he can get some sunlight? I'd imagine its ok but I just want to be extra safe.


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Honestly I'd get both animals' fecals done to make sure they are healthy. Just because they are CB doesn't mean they can't carry a disease. As an example, bearded dragons can carry coccidia - harmless to them, but you'd never want to share an enclosure with a cham because they would catch it right away. I think you have a good idea, I'd just get both of them checked out as insurance before sharing a cage.
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