Is it normal for my chams eyes to sink in while sleeping?

Hey there, it’s me again! Pascal is still doing great, eating well, and his poops and urate look normal (brown with white on top). During the day he looks like a normal Cham, he moves around his cage, climbs on his branches, hides when my husband comes in the room, all his normal active things! But for the past couple of months (I guess since he’s really grown) his eyes sink in a lot more while he’s sleeping. I guess I just want to know if that’s normal? I’ve added an extra 1-2 minute mist during the night because I thought he might be dehydrated but like I said he still has normal looking poops 🤷🏼‍♀️
I try not to come into the room he’s in after his lights go out because I don’t want to bother him but I’ll post the pictures I have from the past couple months of him sleeping, plus some of him awake so that you can really see the difference.

All of these are from November, which is when I first noticed and when I really started worrying because had moved one of his plants into the sun earlier that day and forgot to replace it before his bedtime. I came in later and he was sleeping one of his branches and his eyes looked soooooo scary. Which is what the last picture is.


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I stayed up to take a pic of him sleeping and this is how he chose to sleep instead of his regular spot earlier tonight:


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I notice the same with my veiled (not every night) and read some threads about people asking the same and it’s pretty normal, as long as their eyes are back to normal when they’re awake. The muscles in their eye turrets relax which causes the sinking in of their eyes.
Hello. What a cutie & I agree with. Sonny. It's pretty normal for their eyes to sink a bit while sleeping. As long as they are not when they're awake then you're all set ♡
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