Is he choking?

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by KamaKamaChameleon!, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. So I might fed him a to big of a cricket...
    Does he look like he choking? I really scared he has head tilred up and everything!!!:confused::confused::confused:

  2. He Looked About 3 Months When I Got Him And I Got Him NEar The 24th Of December 2017
  3. Darthroastcoffee

    Darthroastcoffee Avid Member

    He should be able to eat large crickets so I don’t think it would be to big
  4. Thanks, (y)(y):ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:Guys He Looks Fine Now! :D:D:D:love:
  5. Darthroastcoffee

    Darthroastcoffee Avid Member

    Good to hear everything is ok
  6. Bmjo

    Bmjo Member

    My cham does this when he eats too
  7. Fiona's Mom

    Fiona's Mom Chameleon Enthusiast

    If you feed him at night you should change to mornings. They need time to bask to digest his food. They bask not only to keep warm but basking helps with their digestion so he doesn't wind up inpacted.
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  8. I Feed Him IN The Morning
  9. Fiona's Mom

    Fiona's Mom Chameleon Enthusiast posted the thread in the evening so I thought you had just fed him since you were worried he might be choking.
  10. Harry The Cham

    Harry The Cham Established Member

    Just a heads up this is perfectly normal my chameleon does this every time he eats. I think it's just how they swallow
  11. Syreptyon

    Syreptyon Chameleon Enthusiast

    I have never seen my chameleon do this in order to swallow. They are perfectly capable of swallowing with their heads parallel to the ground. Tilting the head up like that can sometimes indicate other problems like a RI, I'd keep an eye out.
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  12. Harry The Cham

    Harry The Cham Established Member

    Oh mine doesn't tilt it's head it just does a weird thing with its beard haha

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