Is he a red bar Ambilobe?


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Heres two pics. His name is Starburst, about 4 months old I was told.


He may be a month or two older, but definitely a red-bar. And he is very handsome. You found yourself a great looking ambilobe. Congrats!
Where did you get him? He looks a lot like a six month old ambi

I got him from a vendor at a reptile expo last month. I got Starburst and a male Veiled Chameleon thats around 1 yr old. No clue where they originally came from. Heres a pic of the Veiled.

nice pick ups, they both look amazing! repticon is going to be in El Paso in a few weeks and Im hoping to pick up something killer like either one of those there :D
The guy I got him from wasnt the breeder, but his name was Jordan. I dont know where he got him from but heres a picture of the sire if it helps.

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