Is breeding siblings bad?


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I was wondering how dangerous is this
Is it a normal thing when they live in the wild?
Just curious!


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It is unadvisable. There are significant genetic risks related to inbreeding (this has to do, especially, with recessive genes), which is why breeders selling M/F pairs of chameleons have to point out that they are "unrelated pairs". In the wild, it is not impossible for siblings to mate, but if the gene pool is diverse and the population big enough, the odds are more likely that they mate with unrelated animals


I wouldn't it's not a good idea with any animal. over time, inbreeding can reduce the genetic diversity and cause problems related to a too-small gene pool that can include an increased prevalence of genetic disorders.


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If you have a related pair and are interested in breeding you might want to consider trading your female for an unrelated one or breeding her to someones unrelated male.
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