IRBA convention Southern California


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On May 19-20 in Pomona. Has anyone been to the previous ones?? Anyone going to this one?? If you have been, how are they??

I've been to many of the Pomona shows. They are relatively small, parking is expensive ($9?) and it'll cost you something around $6 to get in. All-in-all, I keep going back to talk with some of the breeders and to do a little shopping. Be sure to print-out the coupon and save a buck :). I'm likely to be going to this show since I missed the Del Mar show last week. If you are out to acquire a chameleon (panther) from a breeder anytime soon then this is a good chance to do business in person. If you need to buy lots of supplies then you'll get to work with several vendors at once to fill your list.
I've never been, but I'll be there for sure. I don't plan to buy any chams unless someone happens to have some Nosy Mitsio Panthers. See you there.
Ive been going to every Pamona Show in the past 2 I will absolutley be there. Since my B-day is coming up, who knows....maybe i will come homw with a little sometyhing,lol.

I'm not too hard to spot :). ~6'4" and a short gray beard, often found wearing a black baseball cap. You may find me in the Amazing Blue Reptiles booth resting my feet :eek:. 90% chance of being there on Saturday and a 20% chance that I'll be there Sunday too.
bigian it's dave from s.b.

(i am sorry to all of you for using this thread to communicate with ian.
unfortunately it's my only avenue)

Ian, i will do all i can to be at the pomona show, i just got your email but for some reason i cannot reply. shoot me some info. and i will check in daily until you reply, later desert dave
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