iPhone Anyone?


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Did anyone pickup a new iphone today? I have to admit I tried, but they were sold out :eek:
Bah..............IPhone with AT&T coverage......... i am having doubt about it. Plus, every first batch of high tech thingy always have problem. For example, the slim version of PS2 tends to over heat. XBOX 360 fried easily, Wii without hand strap (someone lost a TV because of that). I would stay back and watch for a while till maybe a more updated version comes out before i will purchase 1. Meanwhile, spending 600 bucks for a IPhone?..... i would rather get a pair of panther chameleon!!:D
Wii without hand strap (someone lost a TV because of that).
No, someone lost a TV because they were being an idiot thinking they were a samurai who has to flail their arms dangerously, instead of making slight hand and wrist movements to control the game. There is absolutely no need for a hand strap if you have any shred of decent common sense. :)

/End Rant.
What the hell is an iPhone? I actually never heard of it.

Wow, how could you miss it? I hardly ever watch TV and have been bombarded for months about this thing.

Brad, very cool gadget.. I saw the clip on CNN the other morning about them, and they are NEAT. They are hellishly expensive tho for a toy.. $5-600.00 for the phone, and then another $60.00 to $120.00 for the monthly subscription? Plus, $30.00 for the initial setup.. that turns into a major expenditure pretty quickly.

My uncle works for Apple. He told me to wait until they release the second version of iPhone because they are working out some problems still. By the time the second version comes out, most problems will be solved and the prices should be better.
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