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Been on the forum and forgot to introduce myself. About 25 years ago I kept Jackson's. A lot has changed in the field since then. First off is this great forum where we can easily get information. I used to get mine from a book or two and the not well informed employee at the reptile shop.

I had the Jacksons for about two years and was really enjoying them. When my wife got pregnant she had some trouble and I had to give my Jacksons away. I was not home much and was afraid to neglect them. I found a great vet that helped reptiles and he took them and put them in his office. They did quite well their.

When my boys got to the age of about 13 and 15 we bought a Sandfire bearded dragon which they had for several years. I always wanted to get a Jackson but with my travels and not knowing if my sons would actually feed them I decided to wait. Now that they are 21 and 23 and mostly out of the house :) I am starting again.

I have a new guy and he is doing quite well. The new cages and bulbs etc. do make it much easier to keep him happy. My next chameleon will be a Panther. I have looked at the sponsers of this site and will purchase one through them. I am quite excited about it.

By the way my wife really likes our Jackson. She calls him curly because his tail is curled up when he sleeps. This is good news since when I frist had them 25 years ago she was quite afraid that they would get out and scare her. She did not understand why anyone woud keep lizards in a cage!!:)

Looking forward to contributing eventually to this forum and thanks for all the info you guys and gals have given me.

Brian in so cal


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Welcome (officially) to the forums! :D I know you have been here long enough to know the rules about posting pictures of your chams whenever possible! ;) And tell your wife not to feel bad. Lots of the members here don't understand keeping them in cages either ;). That's what free ranges are for :D.


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Here is a picture of our little guy.

Took a little bit to figure out how to post pictures. I think I got it now! :)
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