Infestation problem

Hi guys, I'm not sure if anyone would know but it's worth asking. ok so I've a little problem
it seems. My room is located in the basement of my home and so are all of my reptiles,
my veiled, sand boa, and leopard gecko.

So anyways back to the problem at hand, I seem to have a large number of spiders
throughout the basement. More so than I have ever had at any of my previous homes.
So my question is, what would you guys do to eradicate the pests? I get bit quite a lot
while on my computer and what not. But I've only seen two hobo spiders so far.

I've thought about sprays, but I would really like to stay away from those poisons
because of my reptiles. I was thinking about glue traps but I think those are only good
for ground dwelling spiders, while I have both. It's even getting hard to sleep at night
because I constantly think any little thing that touches my leg hairs is a spider (which most of the time it is.) :eek:

So what would you guys suggest? :confused:
One thing to do after getting the spiders back under control is avoid any loose crickets or bugs. When I had problems keeping crickets in cages (poor cricket box design combined with tiny crickets impossible to transfer from shipping boxes without releasing dozens into the house) the spider population in my house exploded! They had a lot of food available and thrived/reproduced accordingly! So keep stray bugs to an absolute minimum.
Yeah I have had a few escapees here and there. Mostly the smaller crickets. The larger
crickets are a lot easier to transfer without mishaps. And that probably contributed
to a ton of these spiders suddenly raiding my room the past few months. It seriously
feels like the end of the arachnophobia movie when all those spiders start climbing
the walls and swarming the place. But I wouldn't mind them so much if they would just
stop biting me! :mad: Yesterday I had one crawl across my hand and then when I tried
to move, it bit me right on my finger. Sheesh
hi I hate spiders too, but you may have to use those sprays, but start outside, around the house and windows, doors ets any little crack in the siding ,walls, if you have a lot of low hanging trees up touching the house, may want to spray those to, maybe good sprays that dont hurt other things, and like the other person says dont feed the spiders?? , my cat gets my escapeies, good luck,
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