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My male oustie rex needs a bigger cage now and I was wanting to buy a green house for him. It measures 5ft tall by 2ft wide by 3ft long, any tips would be much appreciated:D I can fit it in my room and its only $40 Which is much cheaper than a reptarium of the same size. I was going to cut vents in the top, door, and sides, I am going to jot glue 1/2 inch plastic hardware cloth in the cut outs for more ventalation. What do you guys think?


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Do you have a link to the greenhouse you're talking about? I think we can help you more if we know what we're looking at! lol And what material it's made out of.


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Here you go. I found this one while browsing.


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I think plastic also filters out UVB like glass. I didn't notice if you considered this in your plan. A great looking frame good luck.


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You may try a 260 reptarium. I have a few and love them. I do wish they were made of a harder cloth but other than that i really like them. Really light so you can move it around easily. Its also breaks down to literally take it anywhere.

If you leave crickets in the cage they will chew on the material they made them from but if you take them out at night anyways you wont have this.

It does have a zipper but i have quite a few of these in various sizes and have never had an issue. its just the fact it is a zipper.

Wont last forever but should last for the life of your chameleon. Any cage will not look the greatest after five years of chameleon care.

Great cages for the price imo.

Tip:> Bread ties will help you :)


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I want to but too expensive right now. I only have $100 so gotta make do. And yes no offends but I think everyone should know. Uvb gets filtered. That's why I'm going to hang the lights from the top of the cage.
I personly like zip ties better man. Here is my plan, buy the hexagon greenhouse for $31, get a new exp terra uvb bulb $10, get some new plants $15, another mistking nozzle $12, get some mantis babies$20, and save the rest invade Jackson needs more meds.

Oh I jug feed so no cricket problems :)
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