Incubating veiled eggs - steaming up?


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Okay so I have some veiled chameleon eggs (fertile) that have been incubating about a month. I looked at them today and the tub seems to be steaming up.. There is 15 in a tub at 30 degrees celcuis, what am I doing wrong? I attached a picture of the tub in the incubator.



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We incubate at about 24 degrees or 75 f. I would recommend lowering the temps. the moister in the vermiculite will cause some condensation but the temps are too high for veiled's imo


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Eggs should be incubated in the dark too....that's not causing your problem...just something you might not know.


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When I had my eggs going, I made slits in the lid of my container to allow some of the humidity out.

might help.
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