Increased Handling


Chameleon Enthusiast
Disclaimer-- Mona is a total gem and the chillest of all cham babes. Even when I need to grab her she just :


I really dont handle Mona very much but we will have lots needed when we move next year to I'm trying to get her 100% chill with it.

For three weeks I've fed everything in a cup I hold and I've been slowly moving it further and further away--last week she started gripping my hand instead of the cup and the last two feedings she has just fully crawled past the cup and onto my wrist and eaten her buggos from there. :love:

I move slow around her, sway a little every time her door is open, she is in a low traffic area that I myself spend a fair amount of time in (home office / yoga room).

Moral of the story is BE A FRIENDLY TREE THAT GIVES FOOD. (y)

However she clearly still hopes food will magically appear in her cup :eyeroll:

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