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Hello everyone! Today I went to the pet store to talk to them about Frankie. The woman brought up some thing that I had not even thought about and that is the possibility that she is pregnant. Today whenever I woke up I noticed that Frankie had borrowed themselves a little bit into the ground and that they were moving much much more. Her legs are moving a lot better now and her tail even did quite a curl earlier. I have never had a Chamaeleon before and since I bought her a much larger cage I was wondering how I need to go about getting her allaying bin. The only thing that is still worrying me is that occasionally she will try and climb on her branches and grab onto her own body with her left foot. But other than that she has been very vibrant colors and is even willing to eat. I’m still not 100% sure if she is super healthy but I am a lot more comfortable knowing that she’s not entirely sick. Any advice?


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