I'm taking Rachmaninov to the vet

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by marcsman16, Dec 5, 2018 at 9:21 PM.

  1. marcsman16

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    So my little boy is going to the vet the day after tomorrow.
    He didn't poop today so I don't know how's that subject going... But he has spent most of the day almost at the bottom of his cage :(
    Could this be another symptom of a possible sickness?
    I'm really worried about him. :(
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  2. bobbydigital

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    Usually it's a red flag when your cham is at the bottom of the cage. You're doing the right thing by taking your cham to the vet. Is that why you're taking him to the vet, or is there another reason?
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    You should check out my thread about his non-healthy poop.
    I would appreciate it a lot.
  5. marcsman16

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