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Hi, I bought Coco husk chuks and coconut dirt for the bottom of my chameleons cage. I started noticing he was tring to eat the coco husk and spitting it back out. Im worried he will sallow some, thinking its a cricket. Should i remove all of the husk or am i worried for no reason?


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Most forum members will recommend that you have nothing on the bottom of the cage (no substrate) for exactly that reason. Some chams eat it by accident, some chams seem to eat it on purpose, and it can cause impaction (clogged up digestive system) which can be very serious.

Plus it breeds bugs, holds poop, grows bacteria, and all sorts of other icky things that make it harder to keep the cage clean and you cham healthy. When I used to use substrates with past pets, it always smelled, so I finally gave up using it and was much happier.

Ditch the cocofiber and leave an empty bottom in the cage. If the empty cage bottom bothers you, add more plants! Your cham wants to climb anyway, not roll around on the floor (unless he's a real weirdo :D ).

Edit: If you are new to chameleons, it might be really helpful to fill out the and post some pictures of your enclosure to get a review of your setup and care. Most pet stores given notoriously bad advice on caring for chameleons, and have their chams in setups that are all wrong. The people here are very nice, extremely knowledgeable, and more than willing to give a new keeper a boost! Have fun!
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