If you cultivate fruit flys this is a MUST READ!!!


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I have been using another type of fruit fly media from another supplier and been happy with it,that said here goes!!! I recently purchased media from Josh's Frogs and also a bulk box of Excelisor. I am mixing 2 tbsp to 2/3 cups water and it is FAR cheaper and working fantastic!!! (In 32oz deli cups) The Excelisor is the best deal I have found ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! I have cut my cost by 80% on my fruit flys. But here is the most fascinating thing!!! I started adding a small amount of my dry gut load to the media and with NO doubt I have seen 4-5 times the the increase of flys in each culture as compared to the ones I didn't add the gut load to!!! I use the same ingredients as on sandracham's gut load list and just vary them from time to time. The difference was astounding!!!!!! Adding my gut load mix even makes the fruit fly media go even further. If you use fruit flys I strongly recommend trying Josh's Frogs Media and Excelisor. The service was also fantastic from them as well as the prices!!! Just thought you might like to know and if you try it I'm sure you will be very happy with the results!!!
I use it..
And its my favorite. I am writing this on July 14th that the culture that I made on May 2nd is still producing flies enough to feed 2 D auratus every other day.
It's just so cool. No messy smell even after 2 months.
I highly recommend it.
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