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Hey guys, at the moment im housing my veiled in a exo terra class tank, i know this isnt ideal but for the moment she seems happy, she's eating well, sleeping like a log at night, and general apperance is she seems happy. come pay day next week im going to create a new home for her in a flexarium, so id be very apreciated if u guys could give me some idea on whats the best size to go for. Murhpy is 7 months old veiled (female). Again thanks for the info in advanced, apreciated

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My advice after using 2 Reptariums (same type as Flexarium) for several months would be to spend $20 more and go with a good aluminum screen cage with a door. The zippers are a bit annoying, and it requires strong UVB and other lighting just to see into the cage with the dark mesh. With a female I would think you would need something 36" tall at least and that would equal the 65 gallon or 100 gallon Flexariums. I am using 38's now and my 5 month old Veiled has outgrown it. My 48" screen cage arrives Friday-I know I am going to love it.
Thanks for the advice, any chance u could post the link to the site ( if u have one that is ;) ) where ur getting ur cage from, being from the uk ive not found any yet that are available so i might need to look acoss the pond for one, again thanks for the info

Jamie ;)
I keep my female in a 65 gallon reptarium (same differance as a flexarium). I really had plans for getting her a bigger one while she was still in the growing stage. Really though she seems content, for her size:cage she has plenty of roaming room, easier to stabilizer the temperatures/humidity and all the feeders are eaten very quickly. After seeing all this I just decided to keep it for her permanent cage. Now I guess the reptarium/flexariums do have a couple disadvantages. This link will show the way I approached them. Improving the reptarium
I ordered mine from Mike at FL Chams. He would probably be able to send you pics and prices if you request. THere is a link for him on the home page of this forum. I will post pics Friday.
well after reading some more threads ive decided to go with the 100g flexarium, just purchased 5 mins ago, "Murphy" is a bit grump at the moment think the cleaning didnt go down to well, oh well will post pics of the new and old set up soon, again thanks for all the advice,

Jamie ;)
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