i this bad???

the pee should pretty much be solid like the poop. The whiter the better. A little yellow is not bad. He could use a little more water maybe then. What does he eat for feeders?
the last 3 week ive had a problem with him drinking so right know im feeding him horned worms and crickes, and because his refusing drinking i spray lightly in his mouth as he eats the worms with 1/2 water 1/2 pedylite...his pees been tiny solid and orange the last week.... today was the first time i saw any white, but never seen it runny like to day
i have no other option right now its the only way i can get any water in his body... for months he would just see me open his cage with spray bottle in hand and he'd run up to the nozzle and lap no problem... ...not nothing for 3 week now ive done every thing misted for 20 mins nothing i finally have to put him in the shower cause he was still refusing to drink but right now this is the only way to do it ...before i would make him hiss an spray but found out i could get water in his lung so i stopped that... but this is ythe best way for now only while his eatting
I haven't had this problem with my chameleons. From my personal experience, changes in dietary hydration can cause seemingly negative problems for a few days while my system adjusts. I have to sort of think other animals have the same problem.

As I suggested, give it a couple of days. If the next poop is questionable, then there might be something more serious going on.
Are you sure he is not drinking while you're not around after misting? Maybe the goopy pee is from eating the horn worms. I noticed my Jackson pee goopy the other day after I gave him a few silkworms the day before. Now it's normal.
I think you should put up a Nanny cam. Haha. If his urates are white and his eyes aren't sunken he might have gotten shy.
really is that possiblem he does seem shy at all when he sees me open his cage to hand feed him he'll eat ehat i offer the climb on my arm to get out and crawl up to get on his tree out side of the cage!!!!!!!!! he never mind me touching he or anything
Hey there!

I rarely see my cham drink.... but i spray twice a day and have a dripper running 24/7..... i know she drinks from the dripper because I have seen her in the past.... I give my cham mellon which i soak in warm water first... she will eat 2 to 3 bits a day so i know she is taking water in with the mellon..... maybe try her on some fruit and see how that goes?

Also i wont feed her b4 the fruit because then she is never interested in the fruit lol.... :D

hope it all works out for ya!
i might try that.. the other day i was eatting some watermeleon andcut off a tiny pices and stabbed it on to the branch in his cage.... i didnt notice till a few hours later it was gone... i wasnt sure if he ate it but i couldnt find it any were
How about trying a dripper if he won't drink when you mist? It's as simple and poking a small hole in the bottom of a cup so the water drips slowly onto leaves in his cage. Then it can be dripping for a long time and when you're not around so he may be more inclined to drink. Like a mini shower! Or if it's a veiled does he eat any veggies? Or have you ever seen him try to munch on fake plants in his cage? My veiled unlearned to drink by any methods I've tried so he gets his hydration solely from his veggies, which I soak in water for a little bit before giving it to him. His urates are actually whiter than they ever were with conventional drinking methods. I'd try a dripper and fresh veggies for him and see if either one of those works. And if he likes the dripper try to put the veggies there so maybe he starts eating those too. :)
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