I think so :)


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so my birthday is next month along with mothers day hmmmmmmm I'm thinking another Cham this time a MALE!!! :eek::eek::eek::D:eek::p:rolleyes:
ohhh to be almost 21 again!! :) then again not a good idea :D
thank you!

I'll pass on being 21 again, besides I didn't have a chameleon back then!

best of birthday wishes and hope you get your cham (what kind are you looking at?)
idk really I always wanted a blue bar but I have come to love the Nosey falys :):) the prob is I have two female ambanja's so if i want to breed i kinda need to get one of those which I'm ok with cuz i love the colors they are my favs i just wanted something different the pet store by me has a few nosey faly amboilie(spell) mixes one is soooo pretty already its about 4 months!
I would love a pink one but I will wait on that for a few years that will my next pairs!!!

Any thoughs?? I guess it kinda comes down to what is out there a the time I go to buy!
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