I think my chameleon is Gravid, help!


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I bought a 6 month old female veiled Chameleon yesterday, Ive only had a male before so im not used to the egg laying bit.
When we got her we noticed she was a little fat we just thought she'd been overfed but looking at her now we think theres a possibility she could have eggs in her,
Weve put a container filled with dirt at the bottom of her tank but we dont know how far gone she is were worried we missed the crucuial signs.
Shes still eating and hasnt been down the bottom bit.
Is there a chance shes just overweight.If not what should the next steps I take be??
Heres a photo.Sorry its bad i didnt want to move her.

Awww she's beautiful - personally i did not see anything wrong with her from the picture! as long as you keep her calcium intake up, feed her a hopper a day until she stops eating. Then when she's in the hole laying keep her hydrated as they might not move for a good few days whilst passing the eggs!

Also keep the medium moist with a couple of sprays a day.

No need to panic : )

P.s give her some privacy - my cham is well into her pregnancy.lol. still no eggs but i keep her covered at night and have lots of foliage infront of the soil so she feels hidden because the last thing you want is an egg bound cham and a hefty vet bill.

Hope this helps.

You can hold her with one hand and with the other hand take your thumb and index finger and (palpatate) feel for eggs behind back legs and work your way up the body mid way. Dont be scared to do this it wont hurt them just dont squeezeee to hard if she has eggs you will definatly feel them

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