I think I need to lower the wattage of a light bulb


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So today my Jackson Chameleons Basking spot was a bit hot (84.9 F) and he is just a juvenile and was gaping so I think I need to lower the wattage of my light bulb. Right now I have a 45 w Flood Light from Home Depot I was thinking of reducing it to a 40 w or a 35, and switching back to the 45 W when he gets a little older, in his old cage I had a light stand I could use to raise his light but since I have a bigger cage and improved my husbandry since then I was wondering what you guys think. Thanks for all the help


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Yes either go for a lower wattage or raise it up above the top screen an inch or two. Tilting the fixture may give you more of a temperature range.
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