I still think its a male verrucosus,

greg nan

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Everyone tells me I have a female verrucosus, but I believe it's a male, the colours look almost identical to my old Cham Stevie who is male, plus I have a female and her spikes on her spine only go about halfway down her spine, this ones go all the way down the spine. Thanks


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Based on the color, lack of hemipene bulge, and dorsal crest that ends halfway down the back rather than running past the pelvis and down the tail, I still say female.
I agree with Kent, that is a female Furcifer verrucosus. That said, the one on the background on post #3 looks to be a female Furcifer oustaleti because of the round ocelot type markings on the body.
I realize this, but have you ever seen a female verrucosus with colours identical to a male, and keep in mind that they are only about a month old
I've never seen a male verrucosus with that shade of yellow in the gular area but have seen plenty of females like that. Have you ever seen a male with dorsal spines that end halfway down its back?
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