I really like my vet-NJ

I took my daughters cat into the vet who is 2 min from my house today - his office just opened -I was impressed (because one of the reasons I took her cat for her was to check him out as the nearest vet listed in the list of herp vets is 45 min away and he had a chameleon on his web site)
He told me that he doesn't like to see chameleons unless they actually are sick because just bringing them in causes them stress-and might make them sick. His prices for a fecal are great and I can drop them off anytime. He also told me that most of his work with chams was in eye problems and he asked me if my Jacksons was wild caught or captive bread before giving me any advice on what vet needs he might have. My appointment was at 7 on a Friday night and while I was there he did 3 emergencies - no reptiles but we are talking 7 pm on a Friday night and I was home by 8.
I'm in North Jersey- I haven't had any problems that I've had to rush to the vet with but this guy has Sunday hours what more could you ask for?
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