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is the skin between the two front arms of a panther slightly loose or really tight. cosmo's is slightly loose and i was just wondering if that's a gland there or not. i dont want it to be the early stages of adema and if it is i want to do what i can to correct it asap!!!
when he curls up its the wrinkled skin that scares me and the fact that the skins not as tight like most of his body. pardon the shedding


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Theres a chance that he has previously had an adema which could stretch the skin. He doesn't look like he currently has an adema though. If you are worried about it you should have your vet check it out.
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I don't believe that to be edema. For edema to stretch the skin, it would be buldging. In my opinion, you have a fat chameleon.
The loose skin is often a sign of dehydration. To be safe, shower him. He does seem to have some patchy skin on his head and back - so that is very likely a possibility.

I dont' think he's that fat - and I'm quick to call a fat chameleon! The meat onf his casque isn't bulging, and wiht pardalis, that's a good sign. Also, his feet seem nice and defined, not like fat boxing gloves.

Get some fluids into him, and see if the wrinkles go away.
thank you. he also just was starting to shed at the time i took the pictures so that also myte be another faCTtor. thank u eric you are always very helpful
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