I need to buy a bigger Viv


My veiled cham is growing so fast that I already need to buy a bigger vivarium for him. Just had one question that I think I already know the answer to. I know he needs a screen cage...but how bad would it be if I bought him a glass enclosure? I figured if I bought a glass one I could re use it in the future.

Also what is the best size for an adult male?


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A vivarium for a veiled really won't work as they get too big. Unless you're going to spend likely $500+ on a custom that is at least 2x2x4 ft tall. The taller you go on vivariums, the thicker the glass for stability.

Vivariums are perfect for pygmies, and can be used for some of the smaller species that don't get big like veiled/panthers.

Vivariums in regards to ventilation are fine (like the exo-terra). They have front vents that allow air flow. If he's getting that big you'd be better off just getting a screen enclosure, or making a custom one of out wood/whatever you want, yourself.


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2x2x4 ft is usually a good size for an adult. Bigger the better though. diycages has a good price for a 2x2x4 ft. I think it's like $95.


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Try LLL Reptiles too, they have a 2x2x4 cage that is just a few dollars more and they do shipped to Canada.
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