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On reptic zone's forum Dragos mom helped with curly's eye problem..She said to go buy some vit A gel tablets and i did and she gave me weight to how much Vit. to give him and so i did that but now i am wondering how to open his mouth to feed it to him because he wont open his eyes to eat a dead cricket..(the drown because of the vit.)..
I want to be really honest and hopefully helpful to you and Curly.
In my opinion you are going to find it a little bit hard at this point to get someone here to help you with this problem.
You know that Curly needs to see a doctor. The "eye problem" may not even be about his eyes.
He is showing symptoms of a now rather advanced problem that no one on a forum is going to be able to help you with. Only one person that I know of on the forum is actually a vet and even he will tell you it is impossible to deduce Curly's actual problem online.
Vitamin A is a controversial topic right now and nobody really knows exactly how or how much to administer. At least not that they can recommend with confidence...especially as a treatment for an illness that has not even been diagnosed yet.
If you really care about this animal you need to find a way to get him to the vet. That's it. That is all anyone can recommend to you. There is no secret home remedy or amount of misting that is going to help him recover at this point. Hopefully you have not waited too long.
I say this with love and in a very positive way, and I'm not going to respond to you again until you tell us about Curly's vet visit.
My version of tough love I guess but I'm serious...I'm ignoring all future threads/posts by you till the one titled "Curly's vet visit"

Thanks..I respect that..ill see if my local vet is home right now to see if he could just look at him a little or maybe call his exotic vet freinds and get some eye drops..
I think you sort of missed the point of Brad's reply. This may very well NOT be an eye problem. Yes, a closed eye CAN be a symptom of Vit A deficiency, but if undiagnosed by a qualified vet and you administer Vit A you can end up with an excess of Vit A and have a whole new set of problems. It is not water soluble like Vit C and some others, meaning it is stored in his organs and not excreted like water soluble vitamins and minerals are and therefore can become toxic.

Look at Cyrus. After the dry eye seemed unresolved I did use Vit A but UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF MY VET AND A CHAM SPECIALIST via email, which ultimately was not the cause either.

Do you HAVE a vet? Have you looked for one in your area? He needs to fully assess the chameleon and one of those things is to open his mouth to look for infection. Eye problems can actually be a sign of internal (organ) problems, URI, mouth abscess, tumor and others. So, as Brad said, you need to see a vet, pay whatever it takes and don't skimp. We do not want to hear how your cham died due to your negligence in not getting him to the vet on time. Some people may think that I go overboard with vet visits and they can say what they will, but often it is to rule things out. Yup, cost me a lot of $$, (that should have gone to taxes), but Cyrus, like all my other animals, is fully dependent on me for his care, health and safety - just as you are responsible for Curly. Even after all of this and my care he has vision impairment, but at least I know what it WASN'T and that I took steps to catch anything early.

So I suggest you find a vet who knows chameleons and get him there on Monday.

We will be interested in what he has to say.

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