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I just got a new veiled cham from a pet store. ever since I got her I have realized she was not taken care of correctly. she is only five months and they were only feeding her three crickets a day. but she isnt eating at all so today I intoduced the cup method hopefully that will help. but ever since I got her she dosent open her eyes much. and the one eye she tends to suck in and squish around a lot. and I find her rubbing it against stuff and squishing it against branches. I dont know whats wrong. what should I do. I think she is under weight also. but she is such a sweet heart.
Too much humidity along with constant moisture is a breeding ground for mold. You do not want your chameleon breathing that in.
She sounds like she has something in her eye, there are lots of threads about eyes in the health forum. Proper care, time and love will get her healthy! Hope she is okay!
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