I love my chams


Friendly Grasshopper
so i just had to scream/type it to the world. no matter how bad a day gets all i have to do i spend a few minutes misting, feeding , watching my two wonderfull chams and im soo relaxed. they bring so much joy to me and almost all who see then. showing and teaching about them to people who have never seen them before their eyes just light up.
im soo happy to have them and this forum, thanks soo much to all who make it all possible.


like they say its the simple things you know!!
Hoj your chams enjoy you also. You have been wonderful with them. I worried about Camo but he is doing sooooo well. Thanks for sharing the love we all feel for our fantastic chameleons.
how r the lil guys doing anyways hoj?

ahh they r great Camo is eating really well latley and new Gizmo is adjusted great and learing to cup feed. Camo just had his first shower this morn and for a cham that hates misting he sure seemed to enjoy the shower.
how r u and your guys?
I understand, I loath mine as well, they are very intriguing little guys and gals.

Glad your Chams are doing well.
I know how you all feel. I have 7 incoming chams from a friend who needed to rehome them. They are on the fed ex truck & i am scrambling to get cages ready. Just learned for sure they were coming and they are doing it TODAY!!!!:eek:
:)Well my guys are doing great im just waiting for my females to start droping some more eggs right now. but all the boys and girls are great healthy and strong. its good to hear yours are well.cant wait to see gizmo grow on here
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