I just ordered a chameleon :D


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from lllreptile. a little baby veiled :) i also ordered a 38 gallon reptarium, various vines, a large fake plant, dripping system, some moss, and UV lights. this is not my first reptile but it is my first chameleon (i also have a yearling redfoot tortoise)

i'm very excited to get the little guy, lllreptile said they'd ship the supplies immedietly and once i have his enclosure set up i can call them and have the cham sent.

i've read through most of the forum and you guys seem very helpfull.
i came into some extra money so i i canned my order and ordered a baby panther and 65 gallon reptarium :D
Good chioce! Panthers are great. Do you know which locale that you purchased? (ea.-Nosy be, Ambanja, Ambilobe...)

i'll have him by thurday hopefully. and i did ask for a male, so they better not screw up >:|
Just got him today, hes so cute. but about the males spurs mine doesnt seem to have any, i was thinking he's too young??? or is a female. either way i love it to death.

one thing is bothering me, he hasnt eaten yet (had him for 6 1/2 hours) i have a cup with pinhead crickets but he doesnt seem to know what it is, and i've been waving crickets in front of his face. i'm sure he's just stressed from moving and is checking out his new home, but still i worry. any tips to get him to eat? i'm very eager to see some tounge action.
haha! i just saw him eat a cricket, he hunted and stalked one that excaped the cup, great tounge action, he missed the first time but nailed it the second, but to be fair it was a long shot.
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