I have to change my chameleons cage, when should i do it?


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it is in a 10 gallon tank now but it might be stressed because of it. so I got a 38 reptarium(he is 3 or 4 ") I have ficus a kane a geranium and a pothos in it i also have vines, and a repti hamic.. He is stressed now so i what to get him out as quickly as possible!!! I dont know why he is stressed!!
What shold i do!! Ive read that these plants are safe.:eek: :eek: :eek:

PS: he is darker than the picture right now
I am not sure about the kane or geranium, but the ficus and pothos should be ok. Here is a link to an article on Chameleon News about plants: Plants

I would move him into the new cage as soon as you can finish setting it up. I suggest placing the cage in a low traffic area and away from air vents. A location that would put him above your eye level would be preferred, but this is not always practical.
I think we can guarantee he will prefer the reptarium to a tank. Tanks create stale air as the ventilation isn't very good and even respiratory problems can occur from too much humidity. Lastly, clean glass can cause reflection problems as your chameleon may think another chameleon is nearby when he sees himself.
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definatly a cage is much better than a all glass aquarium your chameleon senegal if i'm right by the pic will be much better off. first in a cage the lizard gets better air circulation. that is very good to have. the reason he was very stressed in the aquarium is because all the glass gives reflections of himself. the lizard see other chameleons of the same species and gender he becomes very stressed which leades to not eating and in very bad cases caterax the death. so it is very good for the lizard that you got him in a cage and he should do much better
actually it is a veiled, It is so cute because hes starting to get his colors!
Hes eating, but i see him sleep during the day it worries me but no other signs odf stress. i see him drink
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Actually, there is a lot to be concerned about when a chameleon sleeps during the day. Can you tell us about your basic husbandry? What are your temps at? Basking? Do you have a gradient in your cage? What type of UVB lighting are you using? Are you gutloading? How is hydration? Do you mist him several times a day? Have you checked to make sure that the plants you have in your cage aren't toxic? Bluebeast's site has a very comprehensive list of safe plants. How are your humidity levels?

I agree with Heika.

If you are not sure what details to include, [THREAD=66]this link will help out[/THREAD]. Posting this info can take a few extra minutes, but it would allow people to offer their best advice.
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