I have lost my bestfriend, Zilla


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i am sad to inform you all that on thursday I lost my male k. multi. Zilla. zilla came to me on august 9th 2011 he was the big present for my 16th birthday. I had spent every day for months doing research on chameleons before i got him. my original plan was for a pair of T. rudis but when i ordered them they had been a mistake for both were female. pressured and way over excited I purchased a species i knew little about. luckly k. multi are not considered to be hard to keepfrom lllreptile. with in an hr of arriving zilla was adjusting enough to eat and drink.
zilla had quickly become my bestfriend. I spent hrs. every day laying in bed watching him do what he did so well, be a wild animal in captivity. I would snap pictures every chance I got trying to win the photo contest and prove k. multi to be the coolest species discovered so far and that my zilla had more spunk than any chameleon out there.
Zilla was my life. speeches, drawings, dreams, and work plans all revolved around him. even my relationship status was effected by him. if a girl didnt like him she had to go.

Zilla will be remembered for his love of flys, hoppers, and superworms. his biggest interests were my fishing hat, watching me do situps, hidding and most of all my camara. he was perfect in every way.

good bye zilla enjoy that great pothos plant in the sky my son. you are alive in my heart even though your cage is empty. I will see you again on the other side. save me a spot in the pothos wrapped poplar trees :D


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Sorry to hear. I was actually thinking about you two on Thursday wondering if you ever mated him but never got around to pming you. Question still stands but I'm sorry for your loss


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My heart goes out to you. It's very hard to loose one of these guys. You have my most sincere condolences.


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Awe I am so sorry and I know how much you loved him if you were willing to pass on a girlfriend if she did not like him. Now that is dedication to your petl. My birthday is August 9, so I guess we have a little something in common. It is amazing how these little creatures can win us over. Someone on here once said, they "wrap their tails around our hearts". They certainly do.... RIP Zilla.


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I am so sorry, he was always so cool in your pictures. We all knew how you loved him. I hope some day you feel like another cham is for you.


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awwwww. sorry to hear. you now i had the same thing happen to me with my senagal ralph. i cryed forever.i hate losing the sweet things!:(


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Very sorry for your loss. :( Good to know you have tons of pics to keep all the memories fresh! RIP Zilla.
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