i have babies

my female jackson just gave birth to so far 9 live, 1dead, 3 slugs,. what size cricket should they be eating. i have large pinheads and i get them every week so do i need to go smaller or are they fine. i also have fruitflies and small silkworms
Jackson's need very small prey items when young, as they choke easily. I would advise you to feed them fruit flies and silkworms (if they are very small), until you can order dust pins.
Pinheads or 10 day olds are a small enough cricket for them. If you have 2 aquiriums i would split them up so you can monitor how much they eat better.
slugs are infertile eggs. i'll try to get some pics to post tonight. the pinheads i order are 1/8in crickets that i am feeding to the pygmy chameleon and small veileds i have. i was thinking about spliting them into 3 groups of four to help monitor them. i'm just glad i found these little guys they were all over the place and some managed to get out of the cage because the cage i had the mother in had 1/2in wire with screen wrapped around the sides and bottom. the mother has been sunnning herself this morning and the crickets i gave her were gone so hopefully she will be fine
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