I got my new Cham!!

Hey guys I'm new to the forums but I've been stalking them like crazy for a couple months now trying to learn everything I possibly could about chameleon care. And I must say that without these forums I would not be as confident as I am about my husbandry.
There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how to properly raise chameleons and I would have gone right a long with Mr. Petstore Employee's instructions had I not stumbled across this wonderful place.
So for that I thank you all.
I'm so excited to have the newest addition to my little family, Kinyonga!!
He's a veiled chameleon and I believe he is around 2-3 months old. They are so interesting to watch and observe.
He won't eat until he knows I'm gone so I hide behind the lazy boy and then I get to see him start chowin down on his crickets as long as I hold real still. Its so neat, they truly are wonderful creatures indeed!



Welcome to Chameleon Forums. This is a wonderful place to learn how to properly care for your cham. I too have a veiled and he is so much fun. Just to let you know, we all love to see pictures. If you have any questions please ask. Everyone here loves chameleons and they are happy to answer questions. Believe me, I have asked some silly questions but they have been answered with respect.

Again, we want to see pictures of your new baby..:D

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Good to hear your gathered much needed info before diving in right away. I've seen way to many people get a Cham without really knowing what they are getting into. I havent seen your cage so I don't know how it's set up but if your new Cham is shy then you should put more plant coverage through out the cage to make him feel safer. Good luck!


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Veiled chams are one of the smartest, sassy and tempermental of chams and they make fine pets.
They each have a unique personality but to keep them from becoming mean and hostile, you need to work with them daily, the younger the better.

You need to let him see you, put your hand in the cage (but keep your distance) and let him get used to you. When he knows you pose no threat, he will be easy to handle.
Thanks for the tips fellas. He's from Flchams Newton's bloodline. I'll post some pictures up as soon as he gets in a good spot. There's lots of foliage in the cage, a large pothos, a decent sized schefflera arboricola, both have rocks covering the organic soil, and a few strings of fake vines for the top portion of the cage. As the pothos grows I'll be taking out the fake plants. He's lovin all the hiding spots.

I have him in an 18x18x36 reptibreeze which I know some will say is too big for him, but that's what Flchams recommended so thats what I went with. I've got him cup feeding for now until he gets big enough he can eat large crickets which I'll just let loose in the cage. The cup is zip tied right underneath his basking spot. I've got a reptisun 5.0 uvb bulb, a 6500k bulb for the plants, and a low watt day bulb for his hot spot.

The temps are 82 or 83 in the hotspot and 74 or 75 in the lower part of his cage. His humidity is usually around 50-55% and goes up to 65-70% after misting. I mist three times a day for two minutes in the morning and a minute each time after that. His cage is able to dry out completely before going to sleep. Let me know if there's anything I should change or add to maintain a healthy cham. Thanks guys.
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