I feel hopeless

hello ,
I have a almost 5 year old veiled chameleon . This past week I noticed he has not been eating well and haven't seen him go to the bathroom. He rarely wants to move now and closes his eyes . I have called a lot of vet hospitals and emergency places but the are either close or won't see him . I feed him a variety of worms , and crickets and have both his bulbs uva and bask. I never seen him like this. He had suffered a fall and now thru swelling is worse . It was going away now it came back . .... I tried misting him with warm water but he's so lifeless. I need help .


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If he's 5, it might simply be that age caught up with him. Assuming you've had him all that time, you must have done a good job with him.
It does sound like he needs a vet ASAP at this point and it's clear you've done your best to get him to one. Is there any organisations like the RSPCA (in the UK), that may be able to put you on to an exotics vet or even a really experienced keeper in your area?
I wish you all the best with him, fingers crossed.


It is sad to hear about your guy, I’m sorry. Considering their life expectancy I would say first with all things considered you have made him a beautiful home for 5 years and it looks like he’s had a great life.

The sad truth about this hobby we are in is that we have to come to grips with the facts of life. 5-7 years tops is short to us but a long time for our little Dino lizards. One positive way to look at it though is there is always another baby waiting for a good home and you will get to share the same experience alll over again!

Sometimes I wish I would’ve have the same passion for tortoises. But you really can’t handle a tortoise that weighs 70lbs lol


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I'm so sorry hear that I know your pain. My chameleon passed away 1 year ago but now i got a new friend Oscar. Very sorry just know other lizards need you!
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