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Your Chameleon: Male veiled chameleon, 6 months old. I have had him for 2 months.
Handling: pretty often, hes very chill most the time, maybe once a day.
Feeding: I give him crickets and superworms/hornworms as treats. I have just recently changed to acclimating him to a adult feeding schedule so I feed him every other day, 5 food items.
Supplements: I have Flukers Calcium without d3/phosphorous and reptivite with d3. Calcium every feeding and reptivite 2x a month.
Watering: I hand spray 2-3 times a day for about 1-2 minutes and also have a dripper. I saw him drink today and he usually drinks daily.
Fecal Description: He pooped yesterday and it has just a bit of orange so I'm making sure he drinks a bit more but everything else is normal color.
History: n/a

Cage info:
Cage type: 24x24x48 screen cage reptibreeze
Lighting: I have a heat light that has a 75w bulb and a th50 24 inch UVB hood with a 5.0 bulb
Temperature: Usually stays between 70-78F during the day at the middle of his cage and 62-68F at night
Humidity: Stays at 50% most of the day and up to 70% at night. I have a hydrometer at the bottom of his cage to measure.
Plants: I have a corn plant in his cage thats a pretty decent size.
Placement: I am currently working on elevating his cage, and it is in my room, I dont usually go in my room a lot and if I do I usually just sit on my bed.
Location: NC

Current Problem: I was holding him for a bit today and when I was holding him I lifted my arm (the one he was on) to adjust something in his cage and he randomly just started backing up all the way to my hand like walking backwards and wouldn't stop. When he got to my hand he just started placing his hands anywhere he could all over my hand and scrunched himself a bit.. I set him back inside his cage which took a minute cause he wouldnt grab the stick and now hes been walking between these two spots right next to each other very slowly. I understand chameleons can be very slow he is just not usually a slow guy he walks pretty quick for a chameleon. He has never done this before and usually when he is on my arm he makes his way to sit on my head. He might have been spooked by something but it almost looked like he couldnt control it... and his colors were normal.. I can't think of anything wrong that I am doing...
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