i dont know if i should be worrried or not.


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A few days ago i began to freak out that my baby camille, (2 month baby veiled chameleon, female) was sick of some sort. she had a real brown-blackish color but now she has returned to her beautiful green. what concerns me NOW is that shes been sleeping SO much! its crazy. or maybe she isnt asleep, but her eyes are closed. she sleeps upside down on her cage the whole time. i havent seen her eat or drink..idk whats going on. i think she's to skinny. i can see her rib cage (if they even have one). what should i do? she refusses to eat.
You should cut and paste the how to ask for help questionaire at the top of the health clinic forum,
and add your answers here so we can gain an idea what might be wrong.
Yes chameleons have a rib cage. :)
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