I decided on my name


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After much thinking I decided to name my first chameleon which is a male panther ambilobe Icarus and the first thing I told him was to not get too close to the sun......lol


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haha good strong name, im sure he will bear it with pride. welcome to the addiction.
do you have any pics to share, we all love pics....


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yea i will have pics updated soon im in the process of wiring up his grapevine (im glad i read about that somewhere on here, the vine at the pet store is expensive)


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Hello Korey!

I am happy to find you on the forums and using it to ask lots of questions.

The forum is a great resource and a great way for a new cham owner to learn.

I hope you take lots of photos of your guy as he grows. There are a couple of forum members that have brothers of his.

I love the name
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