I am new to owning a cham and to the form


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My husband has bought me a chameleon for an early birthday and i have been reading a lot about them.He won't eat in front of me and he stays one color and that is brown why is that and when we bought him he was a real pretty green and yellow.If anyone can help me out please do.I own a green Iguana and he is 5 years old and doing great I wanted to try something a little different.
he's stressed...how old is he...what kind...take a pic of his habitat ...what temps do you have in the cage...are you misting enough....does he have enough greenery to have a hide spot if he's feeling stressed. Some chameleons will never eat in front of you.
I think he is a couple months old the specialist wasn't in that day I will take some pics to show you. 90 to 95 i know it has to be between 95 to 105.But when i get him out he truns green when I hold him.I misted him about 4 to 5 times a day
I have some pics of my cham if anyone has anything to help me out i would like that I am new to owning a cham.I reserched for 2 months before I decided to get him.
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