Hyper Female Panther


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New first time owner. We were lead to believe our female would need a smaller cage and would be less active than our male. Yet this has been far from the truth. She circles the sides of the cage for hours begs to get out when out wants to run all over the place; she is so active she is always falling while in and out of her cage. I love how social she is but I am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

She is a year and 3 months. Never been bred. Belly looks and feels normal. She is nice and pink no obvious signs of being gravid. She is currently in a large reptibreeze cage. Lots of leaves and hiding spots. Plenty of food always available. Monsoon sprayer set for every hour and a 3 leaf drip system. We have added even more since this photo was taken.
Considering making her a free run but worried she will find a way down and run across the floor! Any ideas?




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Welcome! So I would start off with more horizontal branches if she is wall climbing there is something wrong with your set up. And provide a egg laying bin she dose not need to be breed in order to be caring eggs.
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