Hygrometer issues.

Admiral Quincy

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Hi! This is my first thread on the Chameleon Forums!
I've had a Veiled Chameleon now for just under a week, and spent a long time beforehand preparing a full set up for the little guy.
He is approx 17 weeks old. :)

But I'm having an issue with the Hygrometers.

For a long time I was just using a digital one, that came with the tank (Obtained from preloved. - A pre owned tank and Hygrometer.) I don't know how old it is, but I always just assumed it was correct and accurate as the guy said there was no previous problems with it at all.

However, just yesterday I bought a new Hygrometer, just to have a second reading. It's not digital, it's a dial one. And the two readings they're giving me are quite worrying.

I like to sit it between 40-70%. I usually mist again when the Hygrometer reads below 40.

But here's my problem.

- The digital Hygrometer is reading 35%, so I prepared my mister and was about to start misting again. - Then I realized that the new, dial Hygrometer I'd bought was reading 85%. And I don't know which one is giving me the right reading?

The last time I misted the tank was approx 3-4 hours ago.

What should I do? I'm thinking of buying a Hygrometer that is guaranteed accurate readings. But I wouldn't know what Hygrometer actually IS guaranteed accurate readings without some sort of advice or opinion. :/

Any help, please? :S I would hate the little guy to suffer for my bad choice of Hygrometers.

Edit: - The dial one is an exo-terra one, that's all the information I have on it. I know nothing about the digital one I'd been using.

Admiral Quincy

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Just an update. Even though this thread hasn't really been responded to anyway.

- I sprayed the tank about two hours ago. - the digital Hygrometer is now reading 35%, which I find strange because the tank is still somewhat moist. It hasn't dried fully yet.

Whereas the dial Exo-Terra Dial Hygrometer is reading 85.

One is reading far too low, and one is reading far too high. They're both positioned right next to each other in the Vivarium so they should be reading more or less the same?

What should I do?
Are there any recommended Hygrometers out there?

I really don't want my Veiled to suffer because of this, and whilst he's this young I know it can be really quite life-threatening for him. For his sake, could someone please respond? :S

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Hello and good day!

Glad youve found the site mate.

Analogue (dial) gauges are known to be severely inaccurate.

They also take much longer to adjust to changing RH levels, so all in all, they are generally regarded as useless. ;)

I would trust your digital. If you suspect it of being faulty, get another one, but get another digital.

Admiral Quincy

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Is there any way that I can test the two to see if one of them is faulty? :/

I mean, I can't believe that the Vivarium would be at 35% after recently being misted for a good 6-7 minutes.

I mean, there is still moisture in the tank and on the leaves. I can feel it. And even now it's still reading particularly low whilst the dial one is reading 70.

My local reptile centre recommended I trust the dial one though? But I also have heard reviews of them being extremely inaccurate.

I know that keeping the tank too humid for a long period of time can cause respiratory issues, and wee Quincy (the Cham) was breathing funny earlier, so I went to check it out.

Any recommended products to buy instead of the two I've got, one of which is clearly faulty?


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I always like to use a couple of hygrometers in the enclosure as well. This will help if one is not working correctly. Where do you have your's located? Try not to have them directly in the path of misting or right near a basking site. This can give false readings as well. I use both digital and dial types in my enclosure and generally do not have any issues with false readings, but don't have a true recommendation other than to say I like the digital one better.
Oh, and just because something is new does not mean that it can not be faulty ;). Best of luck with your new veiled! :D Welcome to the forums!
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