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So not sure where to start, anyway my carpet Cham seems doing good, eats well, stopped climbing screen. Yet I still haven't seen him drink, his urate is mostly white but I noticed this morning that it had slight yellow color on it( barely visible) now when ever I hand mist him he runs away, yet if I mist somewhere away from him in the cage he starts licking his lips and starts somewhat going towards mist. Now i was thinking to give him a shower tomorrow, but wasn't sure should I, I only had him for 3 days which I know they need time to adjust. He seems way more comfortable then how he was. He started runnin away from me instead just freezing in 1 place and creeping on me when I put his crickets in feeder cup.
Now I wast sure or it's a good thing to give him a shower since I don't want him to always be scared of me, so just asking for advice for best way to approach his non drinking problem. I do leave dripper for him atleast 6h a day
Do not shower him until he is fully comfortable with you and is willing to be handled.

Just keep on misting him. If you are not witnessing him drinking he is probably doing so while you're not watching.

Just keep an eye out on his urate.
showers are stressful
how about adding a dripper? one that drips while you aren't in the room

also, make sure the prey /feeders you offer are well hydrated, by gutloading with fresh fruit and veg. silkworms are a good prey choice for nurtition and hydration
I do have a dripper running atleast 6 hours a day, and gutload with oranges carots and bugburger now
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