Hydration supplements/gels?


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Hi all,

My panther cham is drinking and his tank is averaging between 60-70% humidity, but his urate is still orange and his eyes are sunken. I'm at home a lot, so I spray him A LOT, but it's obviously not enough and he's been like this for a while. He eats ok, he's still growing, his casque is good and big, and he's incredibly active, but it concerns me that he's not fully hydrated.

Are there any supplements/gels that I can give him/put in his water supply that will boost his hydration levels? I'm not keen on hand feeding him his water, but I will if I have to!

Thanks for any help!
Try getting some hornworms, they are great for hydrating.

and how often do you mist, and for how long?
forgot to mention, I also shower him once a week for about 30 mins, sometimes longer if he's really enjoying it!
I'll have a look for hornworms!

The mister goes on for 10-20mins every hour and I try and spray him when it's on so that the tank dries out in between mistings.

I've got a litre sports bottle with holes poked in the bottom that drips onto his plant, but even when using that his eyes are still sunken and his urate is orange. I'm just baffled, because like I said, I see him drink regularly! I'm a student who's finished uni, so I'm genuinely at home most of the time and keeping an eye on him
You can't get hornworms in uk. Silkworms are very hydrating and full of calcium.:)
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