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i was thinking about mating a senegal with a panther or a veild with a panther
but since i have no idea what i'm doing i thought i might ask your guys. i would go to a breeder and get them artificial inseminated. and hopefully make me a beautiful baby. keep inmind this is just a thought so i would appreciate your thoughts
I don't think that is possible. Only animals within the same species could create offspring. For a fantastic taxonomy chart on chameleons check out: adcham.com.
Probably wouldn't work from a biological standpoint, let alone a standpoint of logistics. You're talking about two different genera when you are talking about veileds and panthers and also animals with different requirements. With the senegal and the veiled, you're looking at very different species with very different evolutionary histories and morphological adaptations. Even if you were able to get an exchange of reproductive cells, it almost definitely wouldn't work still. Additionally, there has been very little, if any artificial insemination with reptiles and none with chameleons that I'm aware of. I'm not a fan of playing god in this maner and have very strong opinions about anyone who attempts such efforts but putting that aside and looking at it strictly from the point of view of if its possible, I'd say without any question, no. There are naturally occuring hybrids but these are between closely related species and they occur naturally. Going back to my opinions on playing god, why would you want to detract from the natural beauty of these animals and at the same time, hinder captive breeding efforts by creating crap animals that aren't worth a thing genetically, especially when you consider how few chameleons are actually bred and survive their first two years in captivity? Seems pretty counter productive and highly questionable ethically.

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