Hunger Strike

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Juliana, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Juliana

    Juliana New Member

    I have a 6 month old male veiled chameleon name pascal! He use to love eating lots of crickets every day and the occasional wax worm as treats. He then got sick of crickets and would only eat super worms. Now he has stopped eating all together, it’s been a month and a half since I’ve seen him eat anything. I have offered him every type of variety of food possible even vegetables and he’s not having any of it. I took him to an exotic vet and he didn’t do much, he said it looked like I was doing everything right. He was also unsure of why he wasn’t eating. Basking temp is 80-90 degrees, I mist him often I even bought a mist king. I’ve honestly done everything in my power and spent so much time with him trying to figure out what’s wrong and why he’s not eating. Any info is much appreciated thanks!
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  2. GalaxyGhostly

    GalaxyGhostly New Member

    Is he still drinking? if so when he opens his mouth to feed put in a verrrryyyy small peice of insect or fruit it might make him want more. please remember i am no professional this is just my advice dont follow it if it dosent look right. Hope pascal gets better!
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  3. AMdoubleER

    AMdoubleER Established Member

    I don’t have any advice because I’m kind of having the same issue. Just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one! My guy all of a sudden stopped eating crickets all together as well. He will only eat super worms and sometimes horn worms. I’ve tried multiple ways to get hime back on crickets, but I’ve yet to be successful. I’m now in trial of feeding him roaches for the first time.
  4. andrearamirezo91

    andrearamirezo91 Avid Member

    Have the roaches helped? My boy became very picky too all of a sudden. Haven't given the roaches a try yet (i'm scared lol) but I have been considering ordering some to see what happens. Ultimately, if they're just being picky, I doubt they'll starve themselves to death lol. I've read posts where people recommend just being consistent and patient and that they'll eventually have to give in.
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  5. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    Are you force feeding him or has he had nothing all this time? Chameleons are lazy and will take time to get back on self feeding.
    If he hasn't had anything in all this last month it's time for a recheck or better a second opinion.
    Is he pooping? Could he be constipated?
    I would recommend filling out the how to ask for help form to get more input.
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  6. AMdoubleER

    AMdoubleER Established Member

    @andrearamirezo91, nope no luck on the roaches yet, I’m still trying. He just looks at it as he does crickets, but as soon as he sees a superworm he’ll attack. And yes @JacksJill my guy still poops. He just wont eat anything but superworms. I can’t even get him to eat a Hornworm anymore. I’ve even tried mixing superworms with crickets and Smurf will literally wait until a superworm crawls up to attack while the crickets just crawl around with not a worry in the world. I have no idea what to do other then starve him until he loses strength or feed him what he’ll eat. This is a first for me, I feel like my guy is alredy skinny enoung. I really don’t want to go the starve him route.
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  7. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    It's a tough call with him already underweight. He's clearly a superworm junkie.
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  8. AMdoubleER

    AMdoubleER Established Member

    Mr. Picky himself! A8E07792-8353-47A0-9F21-CCCC5B722250.jpeg
  9. andrearamirezo91

    andrearamirezo91 Avid Member

    Ohh wow, so beautiful!!! Love the blues :wideyed:
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  10. AMdoubleER

    AMdoubleER Established Member

    :Dwhy thank you Ms. @andrearamirezo91! Smurf is extremely awesome!
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  11. JoshD49

    JoshD49 Avid Member

    My cham started to become less interested in crickets and only ate a couple a day. I started introducing Dubia and he ate a couple and now loves crickets again Haha. He will eat both now but prefers the crickets.

    The one thing he will never pass up is a juicy hornworm. He will run out of his cage if I'm holding one up. He doesn't come out for any other reason.
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  12. AMdoubleER

    AMdoubleER Established Member

    Haha, thanks for sharing the info @JoshD49, its much appreciated! I sure hope my guy starts back eating crickets for his health of course, but there is this super hot girl that works at the local pet store. Theres nothing like a girl who loves animals:D:ROFLMAO:!
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