Hunger strike


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My tiny tiny female nahla I'm worried bout this one


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Could you fill out the "how to ask for help" sheet? Also what have you tried to feed her. Chameleons get sick of eating.the same thing over and over. I've had mine refuse to eat for a week. He had me going crazy haha
You can also try to let let some cali-worms or phoenix pupate and hatch into flies. Sometimes in the store you can find them already hatched. Just something that has worked for me. Flying insects seem to really get a cham's attention!
Gut loading you crickets with different varieties also helps them not get bored with the taste I switch up my goat load very other week so she gets a lot of variety and different tastes. I wondered what calci worms turned into once they were fully mature. I'm going to try that as well :)
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