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What should the humidity be at for a veilded?

I have it placed in the top left corner of the cage... right now.. (after misting at about 10:30 (it's now 1) the humidity is sitting at about 32. basking spot at 91.. is that good? i got him in october and things have not really changed since and he seems to be happy. so.. i dunno . let me know if i should think about changing somethign
I would say 50-75% for a veiled.

Placement of the measuring device can give you a false sense of security or insecurity for that matter. Mine has a probe and the base. The base measure the ambient and humidity. I put this in the coolest part of the cage. This will usually be close to the bottom on the opposite side of the basking lamp. You should be able to make any adjustments if neccessary after moving the the gauge to a good location. If it is already there I would try to get the humidity up. For a little bit that is not horrible or anything. Over an extended period of time it could cause problems.
my lamp is in the top right corner . and the humidity reader is in the top left . it is behind some fake leaves and such . so it's blocking some of the sun . he seems to be happy like i said .

any idea's?
thx for ur input btw
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