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Hi all.

Im thinking of getting rango a mesh tank. He likes the one he is in but apparemtly the mesh ones are much better.
Rango rarely drinks droplets from the tank andostly keeps himself hydrat3d by taking wayer in from his skin.
How do you get a mesh tanks humidity up?
Hello and Welcome! Yes, a lot of people on the forums recommend screen cages because of the airflow, which combats respiratory infections. Although, people still use the non-screen cages with positive results.

The way I keep my humidity up is with frequent mistings, i try for 5 a day, and lots of live plants. I live in southern california, so it is very dry and hard to keep up the humid, thus i had to get a cool mist humidifier. it keeps the room perfect.
I live in the uk a currently use a wooden tall glass door chameleon tank. Rango loves it he has real plants too. Im not sure what to do. If I got a mesh one it would be on my room where he currently is and dont want to leep the full room humid if you know what I mean. Decisions decisions ....
Im wondering if anyone has any suggestions on keeping our enclosure a little more humid? We have two enclosures like the one below with one in the living room and the other opposite the wall in the bedroom. What's odd is that our girl's home has no trouble staying at a consistent 70% humidity in the living room while our male panther's enclosure struggles to stay high and falls back to 40% to 50% pretty quickly even after a heavy hand misting. I did read on an older thread that there may not be any problems at this level of humidity, but we want him to be as happy as possible. What I'm thinking we will do is get a timed mister so he can get 15 minutes 4-5 times a day but want to know if anyone has any other ideas?

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