Humidity in the house...


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So I bought a humidity/temperature gauge at Walmart. I opened it up and put a battery in it. The humidity inside the house is setting at 49-50%. That's just in the house not in the enclosure. So, I don't think that I'll need my humidifier lol. What does everyone think?
I'll. Get some accurate readings later today one I finish the enclosure


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Thats a pretty good ambient RH, you probably don't need a humidifier at this point. I am not sure where you are located, but RH will likely go down as winter nears. Keep that humidifier for the dry autumn and winter.


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I live a few hours east of you and you will likely still not have a humidity issue even in the winter assuming you dont heat the house up over 75 degrees or something in the winter.

As long as you keep up with proper misting, you will get the proper humidity range.


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I dont get to neurotic about the house RH anymore, what with misters and
drippers going on all day.
Unless it get really low in the winter because of the heating, I dont bother.
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