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So with the summer quickly approaching, I know humidity where I live drops once A/C kicks in. I've seen quite a few humidifiers, online, cool mist and warm mist. I would assume warm mist is probably way to go, but that's why I'm here, lol. Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated. I do have a tiny fogger, but doesn't seem to do much except in the corner it sits in. Thanks again.


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Thanks BEMAN, I was gonna ask If they are safe to use at night. You read my mind, lol, will be getting one asap
Your Welcome! Yeah I run mine only from 1am-5am. The cage temp gets as low as it will by then to 67 degrees. I purposely do not run my heat higher then that or his cage stays too warm and does not give him enough of a temp drop.


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I purchased a Crane cool mist humidifier. It can be had at Wally World for under $50. Holds a gallon of distilled water which depending on setting will last 12-24hrs. Super easy to clean which is the important part. Gotta gotta gotta keep them clean! I clean mine weekly. I've heard of others doing it 2x per week though.
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